For the Love of Color and Jacaranda

Milk and honey. Unadulterated handiworks of nature. Snow-white and sugar-brown in color, milk and honey make a perfect case for the ultimate sophistication of sheer plainness. Even though nature itself is a multiverse of color; with up to ten million shades the human eye can perceive, some of nature’s members would rather stick to one … Read more

They’re Water-boarding Carrots, for Juice!

For sticklers, from a stickler for funny! Carrot juice. Say that again. Carrot juice. Uh, wait, no! Carrot and juice? Or juice and carrot? The twist ain’t helping. There’s not a flick of sense yet. Not a good combo  Carrot and juice make a foggy impression together. It feels more like a hyped innovation. The … Read more

The Night Shone Brighter than Day

On Thika Road, in the full glare of the tropical sun. Between the lanes, enclosed by the guardrails, the ground was bare and uninspiring, and the road on its sides so dark, lean and annoyingly redundant. It was miles on miles of tarmac and guardrail, save for occasional signs and cameras. The road was at … Read more

Stop Waiting on the Rains: It’s Time to Build Resilience

Nature at its core is a conjugate of tiny versions of itself; call them mini-natures, or miniatures for the love of words.  Nature chooses to begin from the smallest of scales, building up intricate bonds and connections to form bigger versions of itself. Consider us, humans, we’re just myriads and myriads of tiny elementary particles … Read more